The trip that changed Jaume Sanllorente’s life… and the lives of thousands of Mumbai orphans.

In 2003 Jaume Sanllorente is a young journalist with a successful life in Barcelona. One day, a travel agency convinces him to spend his holidays in India. Jaume is shocked on that first trip to the country of sacred cows, especially by the heartbreaking poverty he contemplates in its streets. 

Numerous coincidences and events propitiated by chance lead Jaume to become aware of the world in which he lives and to think that he can do something to fix it. After meeting a small orphanage in Bombay that is going to close its doors, with its forty children about to return to the brothels of the city, Jaume makes the decision that will change the rest of his life. And, as a consequence, that of many more. On the sidewalks of Bombay is written his Destiny.

In Mumbai Smiles. The trip that changed my destiny Jaume discovers us, through his careful story and his loving vision, the realities of a country of great contrasts and reveals the secret to be happier looking for the happiness of others. A story of loneliness, rescues, dangers, injustices, death threats and overcomings, which provides us with an example to move forward despite adversity. A lesson of wise love, dedication, sacrifice and hope that invites us to walk the path towards a better world.