A simple book, but full of charm and imagination, which invites reflection.

One night Fynn finds a 5-year-old girl who doesn’t want to go home. He takes her to live with him, and begins for both an adventure in which Anna is usually the teacher, and the boy the bewildered disciple.

Together they discover life and the series of unsuspected possibilities it can offer to those who know how to look at it with new eyes. Anna is a normal and mischievous child, but she also has the material that exceptional beings are made of. Behind his mirriada figure hides a mystic, a philosopher, a mathematician, a sociologist and an anthropologist. The most important thing for her is the “dear Lord God”, the center of her entire universe. But their God has nothing to do with the one presented by the Churches or with any traditional concept. The important thing for her is not to know things about God, but to become as similar to Him as possible, and to achieve this she travels with her friend Fynn the most unsuspected paths.

Together with them the reader will discover a fascinating world in which 2 + 3 is not always 5; in which 2 is nothing more than a 5 seen backwards; in which a mirror shows the outside of things, which often has nothing to do with the reality of what people and objects really are; in which everything can be simplified until it becomes a point; in which it is shown that shadow is faster than light; in which you only know something or someone learning to recognize what he has in “his center”; in which the only truly important thing is to learn to love.

Anna can disarm anyone with her endless questions. And knowing it means having to reconsider all those questions for which we thought we already had an answer.
The novel is based on a real character that the author did not want to talk about until now, so much so that shared experience meant to him. The truth is that when you finish reading you have the feeling of having lived something important, of having been touched in the depths of our being by a helping hand that has made us laugh and cry, that has transformed our daily life into a prodigious adventure.

Photo by Artur Aldyrkhanov at unspash