A book of Toltec wisdom.

In this book of four agreements, the author, Don Miguel Ruiz, focuses on four basic things to become happy and live without so much bitterness. To achieve this, it is necessary, firstly, to understand that all human beings have a complex belief system or paradigm acquired through social, family and educational influence, and that these acquired beliefs often disturb them mentally and emotionally, generating unhappiness; secondly, one must learn that the belief system can be modified to achieve the desired inner balance that leads to happiness. To achieve this, the four agreements (4 dogmas) can be put into practice, which are as follows:

The first agreement that the author gives us is to be impeccable with words. A very important agreement to clean up our lives, because it emphasizes that we should not be slaves to our words, to our excessive desire to talk a lot and almost always against people. Here, people are urged to be careful when speaking, not to speak in permanent rudeness, and not to use the tongue as a weapon aimed only at harming other people. It is better to use the gift of the word to say positive things and promote personal growth and the people around us. 

The second agreement focuses on “don’t take anything personally.” Here it is important to remember that we should not get carried away by the opinions of others, because it is not known with what interest they express their opinion about us or about what we do. It is crucial to know that what others are saying is just the projection of their thoughts, weaknesses, or needs. That is why the best recommendation is not to be slaves to the words of others or our own. If we know how to master the language and speak more reasonably, we will begin to see the light of a calmer and more reasonable path, and we will have a better life. 

The third consensus in this practical guide to personal liberation speaks of not making assumptions. Find the courage to ask and express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as possible to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. Only with this agreement will you completely change your life, the day you don’t make assumptions, you will communicate with skill and clarity, and your words will become impeccable.

The final agreement is to always do as best we can. The best thing is to always do our best and do all things with a lot of love so that they turn out well and we are very happy in everything we do.

“Always work as if everything depends on you, but knowing that everything depends on the universe.”