On one occasion, during an elegant welcome reception for the new Marketing Director of an important London company, some of the wives of the other directors, who wanted to meet the wife of the celebrated, asked him with some morbidity: – Does your husband make you happy, does he really make you happy?

The husband, who at that moment was not his side, but close enough to hear the question, paid attention to the conversation and slightly incorporated his posture, as a sign of security, and even puffed his chest a little, proudly, because he knew that his wife would say yes, since she had never complained during their marriage.

However, to her and others’ surprise, the wife replied with a resounding “No, it doesn’t make me happy.”

There was an awkward silence in the room as if everyone present had heard the woman’s response. The husband was petrified. He could not believe what his wife said, especially at such an important time for him.

To the astonishment of the husband and everyone, she simply enigmatically settled her elegant black silk scarf on her head and continued: No, he doesn’t make me happy… I am happy…! Whether I am happy or not does not depend on him, but on me. I am the only person on whom my happiness depends.

I determine to be happy in every situation and in every moment of my life, because if my happiness depended on another person, on another thing or circumstance on the face of this earth, I would be in serious trouble. Everything that exists in this life changes continuously: the human being, the riches, my body, the climate, the pleasures, etc. And so I could say an endless list… Throughout my life, I have learned something: I decide to be happy and the rest are “experiences or circumstances”, such as helping, understanding, accepting, listening, comforting and together with my husband I have lived and practiced it so many times …

Happiness will always rest on true forgiveness and love for oneself and others. It’s not my husband’s responsibility to make me happy…

He also has his “experiences or circumstances”, I love him and he loves me, much in spite of his circumstances and mine.

He changes, I change, the environment changes, everything changes; Having true love and forgiveness, and observing those changes, (which may or may not be strong, but they exist), we must face them with the love that is in each of us, if we both love and forgive each other; The changes will be only “experiences or circumstances” that enrich us and give us strength, otherwise, we will only have been “step” couples.

For some, divorce is the only solution; (… in some cases it is the easiest and in other cases, the only one).

To truly love is difficult, it is to give love and forgive unconditionally, to live, to take the “experiences or circumstances” as they are, to face them together and to be happy by conviction. There are people who say: – I can’t be happy because I’m sick, because I don’t have money, because it’s too hot, because they insulted me, because someone has stopped loving me, because someone didn’t value me! But what you don’t know is that you can be happy even if you’re sick, even if it’s hot, whether you have money or not, even if someone has insulted you, or someone didn’t love you or didn’t value you. Being happy is an attitude towards life and everyone decides!… 

Being happy, it’s up to you!

Photo by Elina Fairytale in Pexels