Who I am?

Ok, that's me..

I have been passionate about health since I was very young.

My name is Maria. From a very young age, I was interested in topics related to wellness and health. As I spent the first part of my life in Germany, during the dark and gray days of fall and winter, I started looking for resources to make me feel better and discovered the benefits of aromatherapy.

Years later I had two problem cats and discovered Bach Flower Remedies. I did a lot of training on my own about Bach Flowers, their benefits and how to use them as a tool for personal growth.

The day a specialist doctor told me that my allergies were for all my life and gave me advice such as not going outside from March to October, vacuuming every day including the bed, I began to train myself in many fiels of health, especially food. I healed myself of what for conventional medicine was “forever”. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and experiencies, I have not taken conventional medicines in more than twenty years.

2013 begins "A Healthy Life"

In 2010 I started my blog “A Healthy Life” (in Spanish) with the idea of sharing everthing that has helped me to heal and grow, and still works for me. The blog to date has had more than 620,000 visits. I launched myself into teaching Bach Flower and Aromatherapy workshops in the provice of Cádiz (Spain), where I lived at the time, with the intention of reaching out to others, these tools that have supported me so much in finding balance in my journey and personal evolution.

Mission and values

I believe in a world that most people could be healthier and happier if they had the necessary knowledge and tools.

I believe that in order to lead a healthy life, in all its aspects – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – you have to take responsibility for your own health.

For my part, I will try to do my bit and gladly share evertything that has served me and still serves me.

Starting in 2015, I started the new project “Natural Children´s Health”  – a Spanish Facebook group based on my experience as a mother who uses natural remedies to take care of my daughter´s health, with the intention of sharing my experience with people with similar concerns as I have observed that natural remedies are not widely used to treat minor ailmens in children in Spain. (“50 % of the antibiotics prescribed to Spanish children are unnecessary” – El Mundo, 2016).  The group came to gather more than 2,300 people, but three years later I closed the project for lack of active participation.

From my experience on health care based on natural remedies and healthy eating, I have observed that in Spain there is no tradition or culture in this sense and people in general turn to allopathic medicine, placing all the responsibility in the hands of the doctors.

My experience and my feeling regarding the maintenance of health is that each one is responsible for their well-being and it is not the responsibility of the doctors. I sincerely believe that if people acquired this responsibility and tried to take care of themselves, especially in maintenance and in many small ailments, they would avoid having to got to the doctor on many oaccasions. And in this way, doctors will be available for important and serious diseases.


Now in 2022, seeing the collateral damage that the last two years have caused, I have decided to dedicate myself seriously to spreading personal growth and healing tools for those who wish to apply them in their day to day and thus achieve a healthy, happy and authentic life. I hope I can contribute with my experience to those people who are increasingly attracted to this form of self-care.


It will also be the plan or desire of the universe, because once the decision has been made, many doors have been opened for me. I greatly appreciate the help of so many family and friends to start this journey, since all projects at the beginning require many hours of effort and dedication.

For all this, the “A Healthy Life” Blog Project has become “Anandiprema – Health, Well-being and Personal Growth” in which I wil continue to share my knowledge obtained by self-training and experiences acquired for more than 30 years. I will also offer workshops online and face-to-face (in Spain).

In May 2023 I decide to offer my website  in English and German as well.  I am aware that my school English may sometimes not be an error-free translation, but I hope you enjoy the content nonetheless.


Health, Well-Being and Personal Growth

“Illness is a message from the body that tells you that you need to make a change in your life”
– Doctor Mike Samuels

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