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Growing and healing with Bach Flower

A journey through human psychology and emotions.


This course is a journey through human psychology and emotions. You may be interested in Bach Flower or you may not. In the second case, even if they don’t call you much, maybe you did want to learn about the emotions that we all feel and understand how they work and how they decide, on many occasions, the course of our lives, the decisions we make and how we deal with situation is presented to us.

For this reason, this course is not only to learn how to use the Bach Flower remedies, but also to learn about how we can improve our lives by bringing emotions to consciousness and studying them to understand them, embrace them (both those that we consider “good” or “bad”) and grow/improve with them.

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Get to know yourself through the Bach Flower!


Basic knowledge

The Bach Flowers

Frequent questions

This course is aimed at everyone who wants to know about some wonderful natural remedies. You do not need to have knowledge as we will start with the most basic concepts about Bach Flower.

The time of the course is limited, so there is a commitment to yourself, the course and the change that can bring to your life. So the course does not remain “pending” among so many tasks that we have every day.

Although the time of the course is limited, the access to the additional videos is for lifetime.

You can request a refund as long as you have not passed from the introductory lesson to the next lesson. That point is marked on the coure itself so you don’t miss the moment.

The intention of this online course is to provide you with enough information and practical exercises so that you can use the Bach Flower in your life as a tool for healing and personal growth.

In addtion, this course is also to bring to our consciousness characteristics of our personalities. The momento we become aware of our programming, how we act, especially what is in the shadows, gives us the possibility of healing – whether with the Bach Flower Remedies or not.

You will need a computer (incl. speakers or headset) with internet connection and a program that allows you to open PDF. Optional: Printer, notebook, pen..

Any doubt or question you can contact me by email.

Sign up here and you will have your access. You have 120 days to finished the course.

The course is created to work on a computer. Also – it depends on the model – it also works very well on a tablet. But personally I think it’s a bit uncomfortable to do it on a smartphone.

At the momento it is also available in Spanish. Soon it will be available in English and German as well.

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