I lost a toy that accompanied me in my childhood… But I won the memory of the love of the one who gave me that gift.
I lost my privileges and fantasies as a child… But I gained the opportunity to grow and live freely.
I lost unique moments in life because I cried instead of smiling… But I discovered that it is by sowing love, that love is harvested.

I lost many times and many things in my life. But along with that “losing” today I try the value of “winning”. Because it is always possible to fight for what we love, and because there is always time to start again. It doesn’t matter at what point in life you got tired. What matters is that it is always possible and necessary to start over.

To start again is to give yourself a new chance, it is to renew hopes in life and most importantly, to believe in yourself.

Did you suffer a lot in this period? … It was learning
Did you cry a lot? … It was cleansing in the soul.
Did you feel a grudge? ….. Did you think all was lost? … It was simply the beginning of your improvement.
Do you feel lonely? Look around and you will find many people waiting for your smile to get closer to you.


Today is an excellent day to start with a new life project. Where do you want to go? Look high, dream high, yearn for the best of the best, yearn for all the good.

Today is the day of great mental cleansing. Throw away everything that chains you to the past that hurts you. Throw everything away, cleanse your heart, make it ready for a new life, and for a new love if you find yourself alone; For we are passionate, we are capable of loving many times, because we are the manifestation of love.
Life calls you, invites you to a new adventure, a new journey, a new challenge. Propose on this day to yourself that you will do everything possible to achieve your goals.

Trust life, trust yourself.

Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash