One day, a peasant’s donkey fell into a well. The animal cried loudly for hours, while the farmer tried to pull it out without success.
Finally the farmer decided that the animal was already old, the well was dry, and needed to be covered anyway and that it was not really worth taking the donkey out.

He invited all his neighbors to come and help him. Everyone took a shovel and started throwing dirt into the well. The donkey realized what was happening and cried inconsolably. Then to everyone’s surprise, he calmed down. After a few shovels of soil, the peasant finally looked at the bottom of the pit and was shocked at what he saw… With every shovel of dirt, the donkey was doing something incredible… He  shook the earth and took a step up…..while the neighbors continued to throw dirt on the animal, he shook and took a step up.

Soon everyone was surprised as the donkey reached the mouth of the well, passed over the edge and trotted out…

Life is going to throw dirt at you, all kinds of dirt…

The trick to getting out of the pit is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our problems is a step up. 

Remember the six rules to be happy:

1. Free the heart from hatred
2. Free the mind from worries
3. Living simply
4. Give more
5. Expect less
6. Have hope

Enjoy life… Shake it off!

Photo by Laura Nyhuis on Unsplash