No matter how long the storm lasts, the sun keeps shining through the clouds.”

One day a farmer asked God to allow him to rule over nature so that, in his opinion, he could better harvest his crop. And God granted it to him!

Now when the farmer wanted light rain, so it happened; when he asked for sun, it shone in its splendor; when he needed more water, it rained more regularly; etc.

But when the time of harvest came, his surprise and astonishment was very great, because it turned out to be a total failure.

Confused and half angry, he asked God why it had come to this, if he had influenced the weather as he thought it was favorable.

God replied, “You asked for what you wanted, but not for what was really favorable. You have never asked for storms, and these are very necessary to clean the plantation, drive away birds and animals that consume it, and cleanse it of pests that destroy it …”

That’s how it happens to us, we want our life to be pure love and sweetness, not problems. The optimist is not the one who does not see the difficulties, but the one who is not afraid of them, does not back down.
Difficulties are basically advantages. They allow people to mature and grow.

That’s why it takes a real storm in a person’s life to make him understand how much he was worried about nonsense, about passing clouds….

The most important thing is not to run away from storms, but to have faith and confidence that they will soon pass and leave us something good in our lives.

There are defeats that have more dignity than victory… The first success does not mean victory, and the first failure does not mean defeat.

Photo by Max LaRochelle on Unsplash