There are many who have problems with irritation, itching up to vaginal and anal wounds without suspecting that toilet paper is the origin of these complaints.

Itching and irritation cause discomfort in every part of the body, but if they occur in such a sensitive area as the vagina or anus, it can become particularly unpleasant.

There are several causes that cause itching, burning and irritation:

You first think of a bacterial or yeast infection (vaginal candidiasis) or a sexually transmitted disease. But many people suffer from vaginal and/or anal inflammation and irritation that was not caused by bacteria or fungi.

What many do not take into account is that the irritation may have been caused by chemical irritants. A range of chemicals, including creams, showers, foams, detergents, soaps, compresses, perfumed toilet paper and fabric softeners can cause irritation.

Recent studies in Germany have shown that chlorine bleached toilet paper is the reason why many suffer from itching, irritation or inflammation for years without suspecting their toilet paper.

In the past, chlorine-free bleached toilet paper could be found in the Aldi and Lidl supermarkets (here in Spain). Nowadays, it is very difficult to find chlorine-free toilet paper. If you know a brand, you can let us know in the comments. Many will be grateful to you.

It is healthiest anyway to clean yourself with fresh water whenever possible. You don’t even need to use soap because the feces are water-soluble. If you don’t have a bidet in your bathroom, you can install a small hygienic shower. At the end of this post you will find the link to a little hand shower and a small video of how a friend of mine installed it.


Even if you think that toilet paper does not concern you, just test it. I have friends who have already experienced big surprises for a week (softer sheets, disappearance of pimples, etc.). Whenever possible, clean yourself with cool water. If you don’t have a bidet in the bathroom, you can install a hygienic shower. You can use faeces and dry, for example, with small muslins from babies.

If you already suffer from itching, you can take sitting baths: for example, with oatmeal.

Remember that the origin of the discomfort and/or illness must always be cured. It is pointless to use sitting baths, creampies, etc. when toilet paper is the origin of the discomfort.

Try it out and share your experience in the comments.

Here you can see how a friend of my installed it in her bathroom. As she can’t install it at the toilet, she installed it at the shower. So, she even can use it with warm water.